Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Random musings on a busy day...

When I was asked to contribute to this site and post a weekly blog, I was told "write about whatever you want." Instantly the possibilities seemed endless ranging from happy/funny to sad/angry/profane. I also decided that typically I would stick with one topic and sort of focus my efforts toward making you see my way in that particular area... err uhh... I mean expressing my point of view on a solo topic. But tonight, with so much happening around Ohio in the sports world, I decided to touch on a few hot issues.


How could I start anywhere else other than the situation unfolding in Columbus involving our beloved Buckeyes and head coach Jim Tressel. If you're anything like me, the longer this goes on the faster you wish it would end. Unfortunately a hearing has been set for August 12th, so we've got a long wait followed by the final ruling from said hearing by the NCAA. In other words, plan on the speculation regarding the hearing to ruin your summer.

Naturally, the first question someone asked me this morning is "where do you stand on the Tressel issue" expecting a concrete "for" or "against" answer. My answer wasn't pleasing to them because I just can't make a decision whether I feel he should be back or not until after the hearing. Maybe I have "blind faith" or am in line with the herd of sheep (according some of our esteemed former quarterbacks who now suck at the nipple of the worldwide leader and has essentially sold his soul for fake tanner and a weekly tv gig, but I digress) who want to believe that Tressel still has a trick up his sleeve and has a righteous reason for doing what he did.

Big picture, I think we all know deep down, to varying degrees of severity, that what JT did was wrong. Some find it much more heinous than others, and others like Donte Whitner see nothing wrong with it at all. But that's a totally different discussion for another day. My hope against all hope is that there was a reason. That he walks into those hearings and says he knew all along about the tats and trophy's but his hand was forced or he was directed by the Federal Government to keep things quiet. Hell, I'll take just about anything that can count as some form of justification. Seems like a long shot, but he's given me no reason to not give him the benefit of the doubt and my support.

Then there are the haters, and my oh my how the buzzards have swarmed and true colors have been shown. Kirk Herbstreit thinks Tressel should be fired. Bruce Hooley thinks Tressel should be fired. EVERYONE at ESPN thinks Tressel should be fired. To them all I ask one simple question: Without knowing everything, just by looking at what you have been allowed to look at, without hearing Tressel speak without a filter and the pretense of "we have to limit and be careful with what we say as there is an ongoing Federal investigation involved in this matter" can you possibly say "fire him!" How? After all he's done for the program, the city, the school, the alumni, former players, college football in general, HOW?! Just answer that question. I'll be here waiting. You can contact me on twitter @ScriptOhio

So now those venomous haters are pointing at Chris Spielman and Robert Smith and saying "How come those guys are getting a pass and not being ripped apart by people like Script Ohio when they too said Tressel should be fired?" Well Kirk, Bruce and company, the fact is those guys presented a much different picture than what you brought to the table. Those two were genuinely somber, you could tell they were feeling what we the fans are all feeling right now. It felt like they were right there sitting next to us sharing in our discussion, presenting us with a harsh potential option that may turn into a cold reality. Meanwhile, Bruce I'm talking to you especially here so pay attention, the rest of you have presented your judgment as though you have came down from the mountain of righteousness and spoken the gospel word. You've spoken down to us! You've called us "sheep" and said we have "blindly supported" the coach and program. Essentially, instead of being OHIO guys and acting like our friends and giving us the bad news, as Spiels and Robert Smith did, you've decided to walk in with an "I told you so!" attitude and kick us when we're down. Well guess what Kirk, you're finding out we don't appreciate it and just how strong we can be when banded together. And if you're not convinced, just ask Bruce how the job search is going while sitting by the pool at your new home... in Nashville!

I said this to Bruce Hooley a few days before he was fired: It's not that I totally disagree with what you are saying, or maybe even somewhat disagree or at the least can't be convinced that you're right. I just don't like the way you're saying it to me. I'm not your kid and your not the principal speaking to the 4th grade boys gym class that go out of line. He did not heed my warning. Now he blocks me on Twitter.


I went on record after the national championship game saying that the Browns MUST have Marcel Dareus or Nick Fairley. By the looks of these mock drafts, Dareus is not going to be an option. I have been convinced/swayed by the opinions of respected others to take a long hard look at AJ Green and Patrick Peterson. I have to admit, they are both fabulous and I'd welcome either of them with open arms. That being said, if both are off the board at pick 6, and nobody offers a sweet enough trade offer to move up to the 6 spot, do the right thing Tom Heckert and get Nick Fairley. Don't tell me about character issues, the guy is nasty and can play ball!


Just quickly, I'm reserving judgment on the Indians for at least a few more weeks as it pertains to if they can continue competing for the top spot in the Central Division. They are fun to watch! I'm especially waiting for Carlos Santana to get his groove back. The kid really put a charge in the ball when he hit last year prior to the injury. Here's to hoping he find his swing sooner than later, if for no other reason than he's great to watch!


My recommended Metallica track of the week is "Disposable Heroes" of the album Master of Puppets. Hetfield can cut down tress with his riffing that starts at the :33 second mark. Things with JT got you upset? Crank this baby up and let the stress roll off! Works for me!

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